Kentucky Distilling: A Visual Appetizer

Kentucky is famous not only for it's bourbon and whiskey production but also for the wonderful countryside that surrounds it's most famous product.  And although the marketing men do at times make mention of this important factor usually in relation to the quality of its water, the rest of the  countryside usually takes a back seat which is a pity judging from the wonderful images captured by photographer and bourbon enthusiast Leon Howlett.
Howlett combines his passions of photography and Kentucky bourbon in this visual tour of eight of the Commonwealth's bourbon distilleries, including Barton Brands, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, Maker s Mark, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve. This book presents beautiful images of each distillery, from exterior views to milling to bottling, along with a brief history of the distillery and an overview of their product. The book gives an insight into areas not normally seen including some unusual angles and architectural detail of the buildings not to mention the wonderful countryside which, in some images, could easily be mistaken for our own Irish landscape.
A lovely coffee table book to enjoy while sipping your favorite.....spirit!
 The nice book size, approx A4, ,akes good use of the high quality images.
 Sone great unseen angles and details among the pages.
 Some background information is provided on the distilleries that are photographed.