Sonny Molloy's unveil world exclusive Whiskey Collection.

I was invited to a unique event in Irish whiskey history recently with the unveiling of Sonny Molloy's Midleton Very Rare Collection in Galway city. What made the event even more unique was the fact that the Midleton Master distiller who was responsible for starting the collection back in 1984, Barry Crockett and the present Master Distiller Brian Nation were present on the evening to undertake the unveiling.
 Master Distillers Brian Nation and Barry Crockett unveiling the collection.
Sonny Molloy’s Irish Whiskey Bar, located in the heart of Galway city has just unveiled its world exclusive Midleton Very Rare Collection. It’s one of the only bars in the country to showcase this iconic range and comes with a collectors price tag in the region of €100,000.
The Midleton Very Rare collection is arguably one of the most exclusive whiskey’s ever produced in Ireland and it has taken 30 years of collecting fine Irish whiskey for Sonny Molloy’s to piece together the collection, which began in 1984 by the then Master Distiller Barry Crockett. What makes the collection so special is its rarity. Only a small batch is created once a year and is bottled by hand for complete authenticity with no two years the same. Each bottle is individually numbered and bears the signature of the Master Distiller as a final guarantee of outstanding quality.
 MC for the evening was Tomas Clancy from the Sunday Business Post
The collection was used to show the quality of whiskey that was being produced in the new Midleton distillery (which had only opened nine years previously in 1975). The whiskeys chosen for the range are a blend of mature pot still and grain whiskey that have been matured in ex-bourbon barrels. This produces a whiskey with a base of a rich, creamy pot still character with hints of honey, citrus and a lingering peppery finish with no two years are exactly alike.
 I was delighted for the opportunity to discuss the collection with Brian and Barry
The handcrafted nature of the whiskey creates a unique offering that has subtle but recognisable differences between the years. This allows enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy the variances year on year and create a new experience every time another year is sampled. In 2013 Master Distiller Barry Crockett retired after 47 years at the Cork Distillery and the Midleton Very Rare legacy has continued as the new Master Distiller Brian Nation carries on the collection with the same passion and expertise as his predecessor.
Speaking at the unveiling, Shane McMahon Manager of Sonny Molloy’s Irish Whiskey Bar said “Galway has really seen a rebirth in the popularity of whiskey in recent times with the launch of the Galway Whiskey Trail last year, which we’re proud to be part of, along with the release of the Famous Galway Bay Irish Whiskey earlier this year. It’s safe to say that Sonny Molloy’s is now the home of Midleton Whiskey here in Galway and we look forward to growing the collection in the years to come.”
The Midleton Very Rare Collection is on display in Sonny Molloy’s Irish Whiskey Bar on High Street and for further details follow Sonny Molloy’s on Facebook or Twitter.